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Brand Story

Foshan Shunde Okey Electrical Technology Co., conveniently located in the Pearl River Delta - Shunde, the company independent research and development, design, production and sales of environmentally friendly energy-saving appliances. The company flagship product are lawn-type mosquito, mosquito lamps and home air purifiers and other energy-saving products.

       The company has been working on optical LED lighting products used in the body of the mosquito, the use of special LED light spectrum and specific bands, and then use the LED chip technology to control the amplitude of frequency to lure pests, thus achieving the purpose of capturing insects.

       The company's products overseas and domestic market two blocks overseas to Canada, the EU, the Middle East and Southeast Asia market-oriented; domestic to municipal gardens, real estate and hotel facilities project-based, home mosquito control product supplement. The company has always "talent-centric, technology-based, depending on the product quality of life, to pursue" sound integrity, common development "business philosophy, to provide quality products and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service for domestic and foreign customers.

       Foshan Shunde Okey Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. - a new concept of energy saving, healthy life new ideas!

       The company's brands: High Kodak (GOKDA), Catcher

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